Make 2017 The Year For A Different Type Of Holiday


Winter is round about the time we stop reminiscing about this year’s holiday and look towards next year’s. It is true that many people like to stick with a winning formula for a holiday, while others like to continually seek something new. It is that thirst for new experiences that often brings people to caravanning, but as a double-edged sword, it is the beauty of caravanning that often ends up with people sticking with it forever more once they have finally discovered it.

Caravanning is most definitely enjoying a boom period, with over two million Britons bedding down in their mobile homes every year. While this renaissance once had a ‘retro’ theme to it, technological advances in the quality of and facilities within a caravan mean they are now an affordable luxury retreat, and far from the back-to-basics existence that used to make them the butt of all jokes.

Undoubtedly people are wanting control over their holidays now, and they deserve to have that privilege. Rather than queuing for hours in stuffy airports and being ordered around by security officials, in the UK we have the open road and a gateway to hundreds of areas of natural beauty, each with a caravan park on their doorstep and a friendly welcome ready to make you feel at home. The Harrogate Caravan Park is perfectly situated to allow you to tour the breath-taking wonder of Yorkshire and its network of greenery, sweeping landscapes, industrial heritage and cultural dynamism. You can hardly scratch the surface of what Yorkshire has to offer in one visit, which is why caravanning, and particularly our Harrogate Caravan Park, is powered by repeat business and ‘brand’ loyalty. You know what you will be getting and you won’t be disappointed.

In 2017, caravanning is no longer the reserve of hardy traditionalists, most sites have fantastic, modern facilities, with excellent maintenance standards and amazing value-for-money. Many people now see owning a caravan as an investment, or as somewhere to escape to as a weekend retreat or even as a second holiday. Caravanning was also seen as a recession-busting holiday at one time, with holidaymakers choosing to stay in the UK out of necessity, but people have got into the habit and found that they liked it. Now caravanning is a tough habit to break.

The caravanning industry now contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy each year, and many campsites are diversifying to offer yurts and luxury cabins as well as the traditional pitches for tents and caravans. But what once was a rich mans’ hobby, and then a mainstream escape for a family on a tight budget, is now a popular choice for people looking for adventure. Kids are easily bored on holiday, but that will never be the case when you have discovered caravanning, as they are quite literally discovering a different world, each and every day.

Many campsites are now booked up for peak season many months in advance, and at the Harrogate Caravan Park we are filling up fast for 2017. If you pride yourself on a sense of adventure and a thrill-seeking pursuit of ‘something different’ every year, take a year out from the annual grind of foreign travel and pitch up in the UK. Live the dream of the open road and the freedom of possibilities, and give caravanning a go in 2017. For more information read

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