Essentials To Bring On A Caravan Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be a stressful business, and nobody dare forget the bare essentials for whilst the family is away from home, and most of the stress comes from the fact that everybody’s definition of ‘essentials’ is slightly different! For a caravan holiday packing is particularly important, because you are most likely to be without a few creature comforts and you need to make sure everybody can cope with the different way of living that a caravan holiday provides. But don’t go over the top; you are never too far from civilisation and most good sites have a shop and other facilities on-site or nearby.


Basic cooking equipment; pots, pans, kettles, toasters and microwaves are almost always provided, but you should bring your own washing-up equipment (tea towels, liquid, sponges/scourers). You can plan your meals to some extent, but that often takes the fun out of the trip and you can always buy fresh food from nearby shops. However, you should bring some essentials such as tea bags and coffee, sugar, Tomato Ketchup, and maybe some bread and cereals.


It might be advisable to bring extra thick pyjamas, particularly for children, as caravans can be a little colder than a normal house overnight. For children, you should also bring essential night time items that help them sleep, such as reading books, night lights and comfort toys etc.


Be sure to bring your own towels and toiletries, such as the essentials like toilet rolls.


It is worth bringing extra clothing for every kind of weather. Rainwear is essential for children in particular, and you might also want to bring something comfortable to wear just for sitting around the caravan, after you have spent a day out on an activity or at the beach.


This is mainly to ensure the kids are occupied, and you should also consider the initial car journey. Make sure your children pack themselves their own rucksack with gadgets, books and small activities etc, these will come in handy throughout your holiday. You should then pack some ball games, or a Frisbee, a kite, or some ‘travel’ games like a pack of cards or dominoes. Essential items also include swimming gear, wellies and sun hats.

Other equipment

Miscellaneous items here include a torch just in case, a first aid kit and some outside chairs if the weather is nice.

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