Camping Food Ideas for your Yorkshire Caravan Holidays this Spring

Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning your next caravanning holiday in Yorkshire. To help you along, we’ve put together some meal planning tips that can be prepared at home ahead of your trip as well as some spontaneous meal inspiration ideas that you can cook around the campfire.

Remember to Bring the Basics

Tea, coffee, sugar, long-life of powdered milk, bread, tinned goods, fruit and water – these are just some of the summer camping food essentials to always ensure you bring along when spending a few nights away in the countryside. To make cooking easier, a gas camping stove and a small barbeque are a must and will ensure you can eat good wholesome food as you dine under the stars.

Some Tasty Ideas

Planning ahead will help take the stress out of cooking so be sure to make a list of the meals you plan on making. This will allow you to prepare as much as you can before you head off on holiday as well as give you more time to relax and enjoy your break from reality.

For the Barbeque

Put a tantalizing twist on traditional British barbeque food and make some homemade relishes and toppings to take along on your trip. If on the other hand your caravan is fully equipped with all the kitchen appliances you’ll need, be sure to head to the shop and stock up with ingredients. Other tasty additions like corn on the cob, fruit, salad and vegetable kebabs are great ways to spice up your menu.

What’s for Dessert?

Whilst S’mores are considered to be a classic American campfire treat, there’s no reason why you and your family can’t indulge in them too. Simply toast a marshmallow over the fire before placing it between two chocolate digestive biscuits and voila, dessert is served!

Stuffed bananas grilled over the fire or hot coals are another simple yet effective idea. Slice the fruit open on one side and fill with berries, nuts or chocolate for an extra sweet treat.

Snack Time

Popcorn makes the perfect snack to enjoy whilst soaking in the atmosphere of Yorkshire countryside. Place some popcorn kernels into heavy-duty aluminium foil with a drop of oil and seal the edges to form a pouch before placing over the fire to pop. Just be sure to tie some string to one of the corners to ensure you can easily lift the pouch from the fire when ready.

Alternatively, pick a site like the Harrogate Caravan Park, which has Fodder, Sainsbury’s and a pub within walking distance!

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