A Wide Variety Of Different Caravan Holidays In Yorkshire

If you already own a caravan, chances are you have the bug. If you’re an occasional user or are in the process of dipping your toe into the rewarding world of caravanning, you might still need some convincing. So we are here to explain the variety of caravans and caravan holidays available in order to avoid the automatic glazing over of eyes when somebody suggests a trip away in a mobile – or in some cases not-so-mobile – home.

The stereotypical image of a caravan holiday is a trusty four-wheeler being towed along by Dad, while the kids squabble in the back seat and the wife gets confused by directions. This is certainly the kind of image you will still see up and down the country during the holiday season, but the vast majority of caravan holidays are significantly different.

Many caravan sites in Yorkshire have outstanding facilities such as shops, bars and entertainment centres, particularly around the east coast seaside resorts, and these are a great attraction for family breaks, and outside the school holidays are very popular for retired couples wanting a shorter few days away.

Such sites often accommodate touring caravans and even the really hard-core campers pitching tents, but there are plenty of specific touring caravan parks in Yorkshire, which have excellent facilities for washing, showering and stocking up on essentials. These types of caravan parks are still mainly designed for families, but typically at the younger end of the scale. Some touring caravans are of the smaller variety and conducive with those prepared to “rough it” a little bit, while others are almost the size of a house and can carry within them as much ancillary equipment such as gas bottles, awnings, lights, extension cables and barbecues to ensure that you might as well bring the kitchen sink as well.

While caravan holidays are mainly the domain of families, it is true that retired couples, young couples and groups of friends are also well-versed in the noble art of towing a vehicle. True, ‘glamping’ in a caravan at a festival doesn’t usually involve you parking the vehicle in a field amid 100,000 people yourself, but static caravans are definitely an attraction for young friends wanting a cheap, first holiday away from their parents.

Furthermore, small trailer tents that are towed by a car and extend into a sizeable and moderately luxurious abode still fall under the definition of a caravan, and are popular with the younger generation who perhaps don’t want a four-wheel caravan blocking their driveway for the vast majority of the year.

So whether you are planning on touring around the region, or you want a quiet retreat away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the city, there are caravan sites in Yorkshire dedicated to your every need, just like Harrogate Caravan Park which offers scenic views and all the amenities and facilities you could require for a truly memorable break.

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