A Guide To Camping With Children in Yorkshire

Things To Do With The Kids In Yorkshire

Camping with children can be a hugely rewarding experience; a simple and inexpensive mini -adventure that the whole family will remember; for the right reasons! A family camping trip will benefit your children especially, and can instill certain positive character traits and life skills that they will utilise forever.


*Exploring different parts of the country
*Learning basic skills (cooking, erecting a tent, maybe starting a small camp fire)
*Living without material items
*Appreciating nature and your surroundings
*Eating different foods and getting out of bad habits
*Learning discipline through camp chores (washing-up, collecting firewood etc)
*Essential family bonding time

As ever, preparation is the key. Any experienced camper knows that you need to be well-equipped in order to allow for all eventualities and to fully enjoy your trip, and for a family camping holiday this is particularly true.


*Make sure you take extra clothing and allow for bad weather
*Make sure you make beds comfortable and, if you can, line the floor of your tent to create extra warmth
*Take simple washing and hygiene products such as disposable wipes and hand sanitiser etc
*Find a tent pitch with enough room for the children to play outside or within eyesight
*Take some toys (ie. familiar bedtime items) but not too many
*Make sure you have a torch for when it gets dark and keep it accessible for children in case they get scared at night time
*Take a First Aid kit
*If you need to keep food or drinks fresh take a cool box
*Make sure your tent is big enough – you will need space for changing/dressing, storage and possibly cooking or sitting in bad weather.

At Harrogate Caravan Park, we pride ourselves in being one of the best touring caravan sites in Yorkshire, and our facilities on site and those nearby ensure that the essentials are never far away. But there are other recommendations we can make to ensure your family camping trip goes seamlessly.


Plan lots of daily activities. There are plenty of things to do with children in Yorkshire, and all within a short drive of our Caravan Park. Daily trips break the inevitable tensions of camp life and certainly if the weather is bad, you need to get away from the tent sometimes.

Plan meals together and get the children involved in cooking. It passes the time, relieves boredom and teaches good teamwork.

Don’t take too much food with you, there are always shops and cafés nearby, such as Fodder, and keeping things fresh can be a pain. You will need car space for plenty of other gear, so travel light if you can.

Maybe try camping in the back garden first, before you plan a proper break away. It will introduce camping to your children in a familiar and safe environment, where you can call it off and got to bed if it’s a disaster, and where you can introduce the concept of going without certain creature comforts, but not necessarily all.

We have plenty of family-sized camping pitches at Harrogate Caravan Park so check out our prices and availability, and make a booking today, you can even bring the dog!

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